Click below to see how your security stack stacks up against 16 common security gaps – with recommendations on how to better protect your users and data. The Zscaler Security Preview is free, confidential, safe and ready to start assessing now.

Why put your network to the test?

Despite costly on-premises security appliances, many enterprises find their networks still remain vulnerable due to functionality, performance, or configuration issues. Zscaler Security Preview instantly scans your security stack for gaps often missed, and can help you take corrective action.

Zscaler Security Preview is completely safe. The tool runs within your browser, won’t introduce malware, and doesn’t access your data or change settings. In order to observe test results, Security Preview must run over an unencrypted connection (HTTP). While you may get a browser warning, this is expected behavior and can be ignored. As it does test your existing network security infrastructure, you may see alerts from various systems.