How do you perform on a test that checks if your device can contact a known Botnet?

How are we testing?:

This test tries to contact a known Botnet command and control server ('calling home') and download a benign file. The server is selected from Google's Safebrowsing list; real information is not sent out.

Why is this test important?:

Once a device is 'botted,' it's no longer entirely under your control - criminals can now direct it for their own purposes. 'Botted' devices might try to exfiltrate your intellectual property or credentials, infect other machines on your internal network, participate in Distributed Denial of Service attacks, email spam, spread spyware and more.

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Botnets affect millions of computers

Tens of millions of computers are taken over by botnets every year. In one example, the notorious Gameover ZeuS botnet, blamed for infecting over one million computers in 12 countries and the theft of more than $100 million worldwide, has already been revived by criminals - just five weeks after its takedown by the FBI. Source

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... in the Operation Blockbuster report released in February 2016, but the DHS and FBI have compiled a list of IP addresses known to be affiliated or infected by this bot, along with YARA rules that will help companies and professionals add detection ...

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