How do you perform on a test that checks if you can leak sensitive intellectual property (such as source code)?

How are we testing?:

This test checks to see if your security solution can detect and block an attempt to leak sensitive data that matches patterns of source code.

Why is this test important?:

Stealing your intellectual property is the goal of some of the world's most dangerous hackers, from criminals motivated by profit to state actors seeking competitive advantage for their industries. A leak of intellectual property has profound consequences for your enterprise - from needing to rewrite source code, for example, to re-issuing binaries.

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Is Your Intellectual Property Lost in the Cloud?

32% of companies surveyed lost data from the cloud. Security firm Symantec found its source code for Norton Utilities 2006 posted to the Pirate Bay, a controversial peer-to-peer file sharing website. Unfortunately for the company, this occurrence was not the first time it's happened. Source

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