How do you perform on a test that determines whether you're vulnerable to threats contained on a known malicious website?

How are we testing?:

This test checks to see if a benign object hosted on a known malicious site is blocked by your security solution. It uses a compromised site from a list published by Google. It does not attempt to download actual malware.

Why is this test important?:

Hackers often launch zero day attacks by setting up many new sites hosting malicious code or objects; Continuously revolving domain names, hackers attempt to deliver targeted malware to your employees. Effective protection requires real-time updates of malicious sites to be fed to your inline security engines.

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Use reputation-based filtering to block malicious sites

Every week hundreds of thousands of new unsafe websites are discovered. An unsafe website may contain code used to install malicious software onto users’ computers without their knowledge (malware) or pose as a legitimate site trying to trick users into sharing their username and password or other sensitive information (phishing). Many unsafe websites are actually legitimate websites that have been compromised.

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KGB-Controlled Website Involved in Cyberattack on Ukrainian Enterprises - Charter 97

22 Jun 2017
This March CyS Centrum (Ukrainian cybersecurity team) published "Targeted attack on Ukrainian enterprises using the malicious software Ursnif". The report says that on March 14 there were failures in the work of river and sea transport enterprises ...

Dalian Wanda unit loses $1bn in market value - Financial Times

22 Jun 2017
Wanda insisted it was the victim of “malicious speculation”, spread on China's social media site Weibo on Thursday morning, and denied that a major Chinese bank had issued instructions to sell the company's debt. “What's spread online is pure rumour.

Google Starts Flagging Sites With Insecure Logins To Protect Your Data - Forbes

30 May 2017
For years now, Google has been monitoring the web for malicious sites and alerting surfers when they're about to stumble onto one. The tool they built to handle that task is fittingly called Safe Browsing, and every day it helps keep millions of people ...

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