How do you perform on a test that checks your vulnerability to a cross-site scripting attack and malicious code injection?

How are we testing?:

This test visits a Zscaler CDN website that simulates a compromise by malicious code and checks to see if it would have been able to compromise your web browser.

Why is this test important?:

Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks inject malicious code into an otherwise legitimate site. An XSS attack can steal web visitors' credentials and session keys (e.g. passwords and other sensitive data) and tarnish the reputation of the compromised website.

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Cross-Site Scripting Attacks - a Perennial Problem

Cross site scripting attacks can compromise major websites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. These attacks are such a perennial problem that they consistently rank in the Top 10 vulnerabilities as identified by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).Source

In the News:

Hot & Cold: Adobe apples hotfixes to ColdFusion to help prevent XSS exploit - SC Magazine

27 Apr 2017
According to an Adobe security bulletin, the vulnerability in ColdFusion, officially designated CVE-2017-3008, could be potentially exploited across all platforms in reflected cross-site scripting attacks. The bug is found in ColdFusion's 2016 release ...

ColdFusion Hotfix Resolves XSS, Java Deserialization Bugs - Threatpost

25 Apr 2017
... for several versions of its ColdFusion rapid web application development platform. The company said the update addresses an input validation vulnerability (CVE-2017-3008) in the software that could be used in reflected cross-site scripting (XSS ...

Why is Blockchain Technology in Banking a Boon? - iamwire

25 Apr 2017
Banks are exposed to a number of cyber security attacks. Phishing, Cross site scripting, Vishing, Cyber Squatting, Bot networks, E-mail related crimes, Malware, SMS Spoofing, Denial of service attacks, Pharming, Insider threats are the emerging ...

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